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Product Code:SPO-511858-149-8

Blue Rocky booties will keep you warm during your long hunting days. The booties Vale have a suede and oxford upper with a Sportchief X-Unity Dark camouflage. A construction waterproof with a laminated membrane. Insulation Thinsulate 200gr with a thermoplastic shell soft, wool and polypropylene felt with outside in aluminium. These hunting boots are made for resist up to -40°C.
CAD $99.99
  • Quantity Available: 3
  • Suede and Oxford upper
  • Color: X-Unity Dark
  • Impermeable construction with laminated membrane
  • Isolation 200gr Thinsulate
  • Made for winter conditions down to -40° C
  • Flexible thermoplastic shell
  • Wool and polypropylene felt with aluminum exterior
  • High quality materials
  • Size: 8
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