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Product Code:SPO-083902

UPC Code:628055899327

This innovative all-in-one grill allows you to carry your food and grill in the same container. The insulated bag contains 2 separate compartments that contain not only food and drinks, but also the grill! Lightweight, practical and easy to install, this new concept will not only save you time, but also save space!
CAD $39.99 /CH
  • Quantity Available: 2
  • Made of quality carbon steel, the grill has removable feet, an adjustable vent and a grill raises for easy access to the brazier.
  • Inner compartment acts as a cooler and can hold drinks and foods to keep cold.
  • Outside compartment is used to store the barbecue and its components.
  • The cooking zone can easily hold up to 4 burgers.
  • Handle and shoulder strap makes transport easy regardless of destination.
  • The cooler has a capacity of 4 liters and is manufactured with a waterproof coating of PVC and nylon.
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