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Product Code: ANI-LURE-PE

Animated Lure is a 5.25in (13.34 cm) robotic swimbait that is electronically programmed to mimic the life-like swim patterns of live bait.
CAD $45.99
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  • Once fully submerged under water for 12 seconds, Animated Lure will then begin the life-like swimming pattern of a real fish. Animated Lure automatically turns off when it is taken out of the water.
  • The Classic model can swim up to 1 to 2 continuous hours, depending on water conditions.
  • The Classic model may take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour per full charge cycle, the speed will depend on the adapter that is used.
  • We have tested and recommend that the Classic model go no deeper than 10 meters (32 feet) deep.
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