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Product Code:ORV-QS9X6X-04

UPC Code:9X6X0400

Shake-and-Flote Renew revives drowned flies with just a simple shake of the bottle. No need to change flies and wait for the fly to dry on a patch. Drop the fly into the desiccant still tied to the leader, close the top, shake vigorously and the fly is instantly dry and you're back in business. 2-part powder contains: 1) water-loving crystals that suck water and fish slime off the fly, drying it thoroughly and 2) water-hating powder that dusts fly fibers/hairs/hackles with a floatant that repels water so it stands up on its hackle points. Made in USA.
CAD $14.99 /CH
  • Quantity Available: 5
  • Dries the fly
  • Removes fish slime
  • Applies a coating of powdered floatant
  • Blue pellets turn pink when it’s time to replace your Hy-Flote
  • No need to remove your fly from your line
  • Made in USA
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