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Ecotone The Ami Sport is the meeting place for all hunting & fishing enthusiasts in the region ...

We are proud to present our new Ecotone L'Ami Sport logo, presenting the name of our banner and our name, which has been in existence for over 45 years in Blainville.

Founded in 2007, Ecotone is now Canada's largest hunting and fishing cluster with more than 60 stores located in both urban and rural areas in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and Canada. of New Brunswick. Over time, Ecotone has acquired an extraordinary expertise and offers you the best products on the market, that is to say those that have proven themselves and that all hunters and fishermen recommend.

Our team of specialists at your disposal will advise you and help you make the most of your equipment. Here you will find: fishing tackle, a fly fishing department, hunting gear and specialized clothing.

Your Ecotone Store The Ami Sport is also the authorized dealer of all permits required for hunting, trapping and fishing. Register your big game or wild turkey at our wildlife registration station authorized by the Ministry.

Constantly on the lookout for new products from our different suppliers and new ways of serving our customers, we have given ourselves the mission of always offering you a personalized shopping experience and the highest quality after-sales service.